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Substantial Rise in the Number of Female NASA Astronauts

This infographic has clear stats on how the number of female astronauts graduating from the NASA astronaut class has increased significantly. Check out the numbers.

Earlier, NASA was meant for men. But, it isn't so anymore. 

Female astronauts have achieved several milestones in the domain that include an all-female spacewalk (International Space Station) in 2019.  

Anna Fisher, Sally Ride, Judith Resnik, Margaret Rhea, Shannon Lucid, and Kathryn Sullivan (1978 entrees) were the first women that entered and graduated from the NASA astronaut class.  

Since then, you can see that the number of graduating women in the NASA astronaut class has risen considerably. 

What is more inspiring than watching women enjoying equal presence with men- four men and four women in the 2013 cohort!

Looks like women empowerment is not a myth -  at least in NASA!