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The all-new “ABC” of design every graphic designer should learn


Ask a professional graphic designer, “What is a design?” and I am sure you will be floored with the number of answers you get. It is true that no two designers perceive design in the same manner. 

What is the key purpose of design? It is to communicate. Every graphic designer communicates in his/her own style. But, if you want to be an expert designer, you should know all the factors applicable to all designs, much similar to how alphabets apply to all words and sentences.

In writing, you use several elements to communicate an idea. Likewise, design demands you to plan, solve problems and most importantly, CREATE. While writing, you use various grammar principles to write cohesively. Random thoughts or ideas don’t make sense if they aren’t written well. This applies to design as well. The sole difference is design uses a number of different elements to communicate ideas visually. These elements work together to produce a successful design. Of course, the skill and creativity of the designer play a role too.

So, what is the ABC of design? To be more specific, what are the common elements of every visual design? Find the answers in the infographic.