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The Five Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About CSR


Companies in the Middles East have started taking CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and consider it as a potential strategy too. CSR is a voluntary activity undertaken by companies to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner. From hiring experts for CSR, setting up a team, allocating budget, establishing accountability, employers are way too ahead in these recent years. 

A report says that in the Middle East, employers, employees and clients see this more than an act of philanthropy. Hence the CSR activities have been growing in the Middle East due to the advantage and impact on the employees and on the society as well.

More than 44% of companies in the Middle East countries are very actively involved in CSR and 13% of them do not have an idea about what CSR actually is. 37% of professional often engage in CSR activities while 30% always does it, 22% rarely involve themselves and 11% never gets into it.
The companies that take up CSR as a serious thing, experience a difference in client behaviour and professional dealings. 87% of clients choose to buy products from companies driven by CSR. 93% of them are found to be much more loyal o such companies. And to surprise, 60% of clients readily pay more on companies with CSR. Happy clients, happy company, happy employees and a happier society!

Bringing in charity into the workspace as a culture does have deep rooted effects in the minds of the employees. 80% of job seekers prefer to work for companies with CSR. Also, 40% of employees in such companies are found to have better moral standards and practices compared to the rest. Majority of employees involved in CSR feel more happy and content at the workplace. They feel it is more like their responsibility towards society.

These employees are found much more productive, efficient and satisfy customers at greater levels. They add up to the company’s profit and share-hold returns. Organizations with a CSR routine put to practice, face lesser staff turnover and has a 20% performance boost than the others.
Companies engaged in CSR activities are reported to have grown profits three times faster than their competitors. Their operating income has improved about 19.2% while companies unengaged faced a decline of about 32.7%.

Taking up CSR activity can portray you as a leader for social empowerment and create a positive impact in the region. Undeniably, CSR has a crucial role in promoting the brand of an organization which is a boost in the market.