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Finland Teaches School Children to Identify Fake News

Open Source Institute, Bulgaria

Well, fake news is making its rounds like never before, especially because of the greater use of social media across the world. It is really hard to differentiate real information from fake information. Let's not forget that false information is a threat to the economy and democracy. 

One country in the world is fighting this issue with critical thinking. Statistics show that the comprehensive campaign followed by Finland to stop the spread of false information is showing positive results. The Finns are doing this through education. They are training their students to develop critical thinking skills along with creating awareness and enhancing their research skills. Consequently, students in Finland are able to identify fake news to a large extent.    

Finnish students are learning about the various methods used to deceive social media users, how pictures can be easily manipulated, identify fake user profiles, and about half-truths. This effort has easily made Finland the European country with the highest media literacy.