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This is Exactly Why Rolls Royce Cars Cost You a Fortune!

The name "Rolls Royce" is synonymous with the word 'luxury'. But why? Watch this amazing video on what makes these cars super expensive.

Rolls Royce - Head turner, extraordinary, ultra luxurious, and what not?

The Rolls Royce brand is popular as a status symbol. Well, its lowest base price is over $300,000! What's more, the all-new Rolls Royce Sweptail costs a whopping $13 million, probably the world's most expensive car.

Needless to mention, owning a Rolls Royce car is the epitome of luxury. Fine, but why do you have to pay so much for this car? 

The answer is pretty simple. Are you ready to hear it? Every single Rolls Royce is completely built by hand. All parts and features of the car are handcrafted by a team of people, 

The next question obviously is, "How long does it take to build a Rolls Royce?" Generally, it takes almost a month to handcraft a car. However, the duration depends on the model of the car. For instance, it takes about two months to build a Phantom. What's even more striking is that there are a few Rolls Royce cars that take almost a year to complete! Now, that should justify the price!

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