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Learn these everyday tips and hacks about cooking substitutions


You have all been there — you are in the middle of a recipe and then you realize that you don’t have a key ingredient. Of course, the immediate action is hurrying next door and borrowing it. But, that’s not always possible. 

The above infographic guides you through some essential cooking and baking substitutions to save you from the embarrassing trip next door. Good news is that there is an alternate ingredient for most of your baking needs and a few are really surprising.

Baking is nothing less than science. If you are creative, you can easily replace a key ingredient. You have to just ensure that the ingredient’s consistency is similar so that the effect is the same. Well, the taste needn’t be the same necessarily. For instance, you can substitute an egg with a quarter cup of canned squash or canned pumpkin.

Several baking swaps are done to make a sweet recipe a little less decadent. Using apple sauce instead of margarine is a great tip when making cupcakes or muffins. Also, you can swap sour cream in place of yogurt to cut out calories. 

These cooking and baking substitutions will make you more confident when you try new recipes in the kitchen. 

Happy cooking!