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Top 10 Most Common Dreams: What’s Your Dream Telling You?

Can you believe that dreams are a reflection of your subconscious mind? Well, we've covered the most common dreams and what they actually mean.

If asked, “Did you have a good night’s sleep last night?”, we’re pretty sure about 75% of you would have “No” as an answer. Well, it’s an obvious fact that with this deadly Covid-19 doing its rounds leading to the lockdown, fear, uncertainty, and consequent mental health issues, the sleep pattern is definitely not the way it was earlier- at least for most of us. 

And, have you ever woken up from a dream that was quite weird, and you were wondering why the hell you had such a dream? If yes, this write-up is for you! 

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, suggested that by studying the content of a dream, we could understand the hidden and unconscious desires of the human mind. 

While most of the modern theories state that dreams don’t have any hidden meanings, there is a range of dream dictionaries published by interpreters, psychoanalysts, and dream experts to identify the meaning of the most common dream symbols and themes. 

We’ve compiled here 10 most common dreams reported by numerous people across the world and what the popular dream interpretation books got to say about these dreams. 

  1. 1 A Falling Dream

    What does a falling dream mean? The most common falling dream is the horrifying plunge - falling off the edge of a cliff or the floor just breaks out under you and you fall. 

    This dream generally signifies a loss of control over something significant in your waking life - be it a relationship, career, wealth, health, emotions, etc. It could also mean a loss of support or a warning that your high held ego should come back down to earth! 

  2. 2 A Dream of "Being Naked"

    This is definitely a weird dream some of you would have had. You are in a public place, shopping or walking down the street or boarding a vehicle and suddenly you realize that you are either naked or semi-naked - you are either topless or without your pants or skirt. This dream usually leaves you exposed, humiliated, and highly embarrassed.     

    This dream means that you feel vulnerable or you are afraid that others could easily see your real character - see through your clothes. Well, there is something else this dream might indicate - you are guilty and there's a secret about you nobody knows and you are afraid you will be exposed and humiliated.  

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    On the other hand, if you dream of being naked in public and you don't feel ashamed or embarrassed, it indicates that you have nothing to hide and you are too self-confident!

  3. 3 A dream of "Being Chased"

    Studies suggest that about 60% of people have had this dream of being chased and it is also reported as one of the earliest dreams one remembers. 

    Often, this dream of being chased suggests that something is perhaps trying to get closer to you.  Most of the time, it is associated with how you feel about a difficult aspect of your life that you are trying to avoid - a person, an unrecognized trauma, something you fear, or a stressful event. It could mean that you are consistently avoiding a person or an issue and it's time you stop running, look back, and sort out things. Carl Jung suggests that something that is chasing you could be an element of yourself you are trying to avoid.  

  4. 4 A dream of "Losing Teeth"

    Of course, this is a creepy dream! Common dreams that relate to teeth falling out include your teeth falling one by one, teeth just crumbling into your hands, or the teeth beginning to rot. Such dreams is a reflection of your anxiety about your looks and how others look at you. Generally, these dreams stem from your fear of growing old, embarrassment, rejection, feeling unattractive. It could also mean loss of power, youth, or attractiveness in terms of your social life.  

  5. 5 A Dream of "Feeling Unprepared for an Exam"

    This dream indicates excess stress, be it in adults or children. In fact, the dream appears so real that they wake up from this dream convinced that they just failed an important examination. Test dreams generally reflect your lack of confidence and the incapability to move to the next level in life. Studies suggest that one in five people have this dream in their lifetime.   

  6. 6 A Dream of Your Partner Cheating On You

    We're sure this is a dream most of us don't want to have. Dream experts suggest that a dream of your partner cheating on you could mean that if there's infidelity in current or past relationships, this dream keeps cropping up. Again, if there aren't such issues and you get this dream, it could probably because there is something which is taking up a lot of attention and time away from you. It could possibly be friends, a job, a sport, a newborn in the family, etc. You can consider this dream to be a positive one as it's letting you know about something that needs to be corrected. It's time for you and your partner to plan and start working out things together.       

  7. 7 A Dream of "Having Sex"

    The general idea behind the dream of having sex with someone indicates the secret desire you have for them; however, it's always not so. 

    Carl Jung believed that people who appear in our dreams often represented a part of ourselves. So, when you dream of having sex with a specific person - be it a friend, a celebrity, a colleague, or a family member - it possibly means the person has a quality that you would like to integrate into your personality.    

  8. 8 A Dream of Marrying Someone When You Already Have a Spouse

    We think most of you in a committed relationship have had this dream of marrying a different person besides your partner. Well, experts suggest that this dream doesn't necessarily mean that you are having issues with your partner. 

    If you dream of marrying someone you know, you have to study the general qualities of that person and embrace those qualities, for instance, confidence, standing up for yourself, self-discipline, etc. Of several qualities, you need to commit to at least one to make your life better. 

  9. 9 A Dream of "Being Lost"

    You'd definitely had this dream! But, what the heck does it mean to be lost in a dream? Dream interpreters feel that this dream crops up from your fear, helplessness, anxiety, confusion, and stress in your daily life. It could also mean your difficulty in adjusting to a whole new situation in life like a new job, new social circle, new town or a sudden crisis situation like the Covid-19 pandemic!  

  10. 10 Dream of "Spiders"

    Dreams of spiders are common in everyone: males and females, kids and adults, young and old. This dream generally means manipulation and deceit. To put it simply, if you see spiders in your dream, you are either manipulating someone or you are being manipulated by someone. 

    This dream is actually a wakeup call for you. If you are being manipulated by someone, find out who it is and get yourself out of the web of deceit and lies. If you are the manipulator, it is high time you change ways. 

    These common symbols in dreams are universally applicable as well as intimately personal. As you understand their universal meanings, you can explore your inner world so that you can relate them to your current/specific situation. Who knows? Dreams could be the windows of our soul!

    Friends, have you had any of these dreams? What was your last dream? 

    Try to remember, interpret, and reflect!