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Learn these new ideas if you struggle to make difficult decisions

OnStride, UK

For me, one of the most challenging tasks in life is making a difficult decision. I see that most people have this problem. Choose this or that? Will I regret later? Choose the right thing or the easy one? What would this decision cost me and my family in the long run? Well, making a difficult life-changing decision is definitely not an easy thing to do, at least for me. 

But, trust me, friends, decision making is a science. You can see it clearly in this infographic. If you use tried and tested strategies, failure rates (the biggest fear of decision making) can be cut by about 50% which means when you use a tested technique, making a choice needn’t necessarily be an intimidating choice. 

So, how to make difficult decisions?

Always try to fully understand the issue to start with. In other words, take a step back so as to objectively consider the situation. Then apply the techniques (shown in the infographic) to trace back the issue to its root cause. 

Once you have a clear idea about what’s at the root of the problem, the next step becomes easier. The brainstorming stage will create more set of options that seem appropriate. Remember that even ideas you consider as the worst ones must be written down. This encourages free thinking, eventually inspiring a better idea. 

Shortlist the top five ideas and evaluate each one carefully, considering the risks. Visualize the impact of each idea in a year or so. Also, take into account your instincts to each possibility. Did you know that there is scientific evidence that backs up the idea that instinctive hunches must be trusted? 

When you think you are ready to make the decision, take some time to “cool off” if possible. Take a day, share your decision with a trusted acquaintance and check if your decision still appears good — then, go for it! You can always adjust the decision if necessary and if the situation demands. 

Take a thorough look at the infographic that explains the stages in making a difficult decision with detailed instructions that are thought-provoking. Of course, these strategies helped me. I believe you are benefitted too. 

All the best for your next decision!