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Bears are carnivorous mammals, who belong to the Ursidae family. They are either found in four feet pong and weigh about sixty pounds or can be found in eight feet long and can weigh about a thousand pounds. Bears are mostly found in the regions of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. 

There are 8 species: Asiatic Black Bear(moon bear), Brown Bears( grizzly bears), Giant Pandas, North American Black Bears, Polar Bears, Sloth Bears, Spectacled Bears( Andean bears), and Sun Bears. Now let us hunt some interesting facts about some of these mammals.

  • Asiatic Black Bears - The Moon Bear, also known as White-Chested Bear lives in the Himalayas and also found in the regions of Indian subcontinents, Korea, North-Eastern China, Russian Far East, and Taiwan. They are omnivorous, Though they are primarily vegetarian. It is a solitary creature.

  • Brown Bears - The Grizzly Bears are the largest bear with the widest distribution of any bear species. They used to “rub trees” to showcase their presence to social status. These trees are used for generations. They are mostly found in the forests and mountains of Northern America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Giant Pandas - They are Black and White Bears who are found in the thick bamboo forests of the uphill mountains of Central China. These pandas do not hibernate. Though they are omnivorous, they eat bamboo as their main diet.

  • North American black bear - These are common and familiar bears, who are good tree climbers. They can run at a speed of 45 km per hour, both in uphill and downhill. These bears have a large vocabulary and use many hums and grunts to communicate with each other.

  • Polar bear - They are marine bears which are mostly found in the frozen wilds of the Arctic, in Canada, Alaska(US), Greenland, and Norway. These bears do not hibernate, though pregnant bears would hibernate to give birth and to strengthen their body. They are in the list of endangered species, scientists say that the majority population of this will be lost in  2050.

  • Bears are large, stocky animals with non-retractable claws, shaggy fur, an excellent sense of smell, and short tails.

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