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Types of German Dogs You Didn’t Know

Doggie Drawing

German dogs are of many types, the funny one, the ferocious ones, the toys dogs, etc. Let us check out some surprising and interesting facts about some of those dogs.

  • Affenpinscher - This is the oldest toy dog breed existing today which is usually quiet and timid. This breed originated from Germany during the early 17th century. Affenpinscher means monkey-like-dog, This dog was named like this because of its appearance, especially of their eyes they look like monkey eyes. This is just a pet dog that is used to participate in dog shows alone.

  • Poodle - These dogs originated from the “German Pudel Hund Pudel” which means “to splash out".They are most popular among the French people, hence they are also believed as French dogs. Poodle dogs are found in many solid colors like white, black, brown, silver, grey, etc. They are athletic dogs that have a sturdy muscular build and are great swimmers too. These are family dogs.

  • Doberman - Doberman or Doberman Pinscher is a medium-large domestic dog, which was developed by a tax collector from Germany during the early ’80s. These dogs are long muzzles and their ears are cropped and posted and their tails are also docked traditionally. They are known to be an intelligent, alert, loyal companion and are good guard dogs in general. They are considered to be loving and gentle dogs but at times they are stubborn too. These dogs are meant to be police dogs and as army dogs. Although Their origin is from Germany, They are mostly found in Indian regions also. They are used as army dogs and police dogs in Our Indian country also.

  • Leonberger - It is a giant dog breed. Its name has been derived from the city of Leonberg in Germany. This dog is a symbolic dog, which can mimic a lion and it is used as a working dog in the dog shows. This dog has a generous double coat and in general, they are muscular, large, and elegant dogs. These dogs are intelligent and kind. Leonberg is also believed to be a rescue dog. They get adapted to their family easily.

  • Pomeranian -  It is a toy dog which is also named as Pom. This dog owns its native from North-west Poland and North-east Germany. This dog has been popular among the royals since the 18th century. Queen Victoria owned a particular pomeranian dog and so the small dog became popular among the royals. These dogs are the most friendly and playful, but at times it is necessary to be careful of this dog.

  • Keeshond - This dog is a medium-sized dog with a silver and black coat with a curled tail. Keeshond has its origin from the German spitzes. This was previously a Dutch Barge dog and during the 19th century, this dog was developed in the England regions. It was later registered as Keeshond in the American Kennel Club. This dog is a healthy dog by nature. Keesound is a playful dog.

  • American Eskimo - This dog is a companion dog originated from Germany and this dog belongs to the Spitz family. American Eskimo was named German Spitz, but due to the Anti-German Sentiment during the First World War, it was named American Eskimo Dogs. They are super good watchdogs and at the same time, they are also friendly dogs. These dogs are of three varieties based on their size, The Toy dog, The Miniature, And The Standard.

  • Miniature Pinscher - This dog is also known as Zwergpinscher, Min Pin, and also as Miniature Doberman. This dog owns its origin from German Pinscher mixed with Italian Greyhound and Dachshunds. Min Pin is a well balanced, well-groomed, sturdy, compact, and short-coupled dog. These dogs are naturally vigorous and alert, Hence they are good watchdogs. They are more affectionate to adults and teenagers than to children. Though they look too small in size, They are good watchdogs.

  • Great Dane - This is a domestic dog that owns its origin from Germany which is known for its large size. This is one of the tallest dogs in the world. Zeus holds a record for its height, This dog died in September 2014 when it was five years old. Though these dogs are healthy, they have a short lifespan. This is not a guard dog, but people get scared because of their appearance at times. 

  • Dachshund - It is also called a Wiener dog, Badger dog, or Sausage dog. These dogs short-legged dogs and have a long body. Dachshund dogs have tree hair textures, Smooth-haired, wire-haired, and long-haired. These dogs are the creation of Germans which also includes the elements of French and English hounds. They are kept in the royal courts all over Europe including that of Queen Victoria. These dogs were known as the symbol of Germany. Dachshunds are used to hut small rabbits and mice. According to AKCThis dog is ranked in the 13th place in popularity among the dog breeds in the United States.

  • German Shepherd - These dogs are medium-sized dogs. This owns its origin from Germany which we can find through its name. However, this dog was named the Alsatian after the First World War until 1977, after 1977  it was changed back to German Shepherd. This dog looks like a wolf. German Shepherd dogs are great working dogs as they are capable of doing rescue jobs during the war. They are great watchdogs too. This dog is used as police dogs and also as army dogs. Although this owns its origin from Germany, German Shepherd dogs are found all over the world including our India.

  • Boxer - Boxers are medium and large-sized dogs that are developed in Germany with a smooth and tight-fitting coat. This dog was bred from the old English Bulldog and The Bullenbiesser and Boxer is a part of the Molosser group. This dog is also one of the working dogs.

  • Rottweiler - This dog is a domestic breed dog that is used for pulling carts and herd livestock. This dog is considered as one of the most ferocious dogs in the world. Rottweilers are great watchdogs but they are one-man dogs if trained. This dog gets closer to the trainer and would do anything to protect its owner. It is also used for rescue purposes. This dog also owns its origin from Germany.

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