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Unbelievable celebrity facts! The 9th on the list will blow your mind


All of us like to know the trivial facts of celebrities. Perhaps, certain facts lift our brows and the tiny mind voice within us gets a little louder, “Really? Well, that’s creepy!”

Reading such things is always fun. The video covers some unbelievable stuff: a top celebrity was a pimp once, a lion tamer turned out into an actor and writer, Tom Hanks was the third cousin of Abraham Lincoln, Geena Davis was an archer, Woodey Harrelson was son of an assassin, Singer Kesher has an IQ of 140 and scored 1500 on her SATS (!), and Dolph Lundgren has a master’s degree in chemical engineering and was offered a Fulbright scholarship. What’s more? Danica McKellar has a theorem named after her — McKellar Winn Theorem!