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Weird Things that Happen to the Human Body in Space

We take all the normal things on planet earth for granted, let alone gravity. Have you ever thought of what happens to our body in space, beyond the planet's pull?

If you thought it was cool to go to space, think again. 

The human body is designed to live on earth. Space is an extremely dangerous and unfriendly place for humans.   

The infographic shows you what happens to your body components in space and the associated risks. The risks are generally caused due to: gravity fields, space radiation, distance from earth, closed environments, and isolation. Astronauts are more than superheroes!

As you read the risks involved, it is definitely scary. However, we have some brilliant minds working toward solving these problems. Soon they will come up with solutions to overcome these risks and we can expect more and more safe space expeditions in the coming years. 

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