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Learn about these new changes that happen to your body when you quit smoking


There is this popular joke that hits my mind when I ponder on this topic of “Quit smoking”. 

“Quitting smoking is a very easy thing to do.”


“Yeah, it's so easy that my husband has done it a number of times….” 


Jokes apart, did you know that your body experiences some amazing benefits the moment you quit smoking? All the cells in your body will, in fact, scream “Thank you”. Let us have a look at the timeline of quitting smoking. Before that, some quick facts on quitting smoking:

  • By quitting smoking, you are breaking the addiction cycle and the brain is rewired to stop craving nicotine. 
  • To successfully quit smoking, smokers should have a solid plan to beat to triggers and cravings. 
  • Did you know that the benefits of quitting this habit begin in just an hour after your last fag?
  • The sooner you quit smoking, the faster will you reduce the risk of heart and lung disease, cancer and other smoking-related conditions.

Now, the timeline

After 20 minutes — The heart rate and blood pressure begin to drop and circulation starts to improve. 

After 12 hours — The level of carbon monoxide returns to normal, thereby increasing the oxygen levels of the body.

After one day — The risk of heart attack starts to decrease.

After 2 days — As the healing process of the nerves begin after you quit smoking, you may notice an increased sense of smell and a much more vivid taste. 

After 3 days — The level of nicotine in your body gets depleted. While you may experience nicotine withdrawal at this stage, you are more likely to experience irritability and moodiness, headaches, and cravings.

After 1 month – There is enhanced lung function. Athletic endurance also increases.

After 1-3 months — Blood circulation improves drastically. 

After 9 months - The lungs have healed themselves remarkably. 

After 1 year - One year post quitting smoking, your risk of developing coronary heart disease reduces by half. 

After 5 years — The risk of stroke reduces to a large extent. 

After 10 years — Your chances of developing lung cancer is cut by 50% compared to a smoker. Also, the probability of developing throat, mouth, or pancreatic cancer reduces significantly.

So, there is nothing you are going to lose by quitting smoking; you only have everything to gain. Make this life-transforming decision at the earliest and gift a “long and healthy life” to your loved ones to cherish.