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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bio Diversity

If there are no more honey bees in the world, the human race cannot sustain even weeks. The natural food web is so correlated. If there is a minor issue in the food web in any of its levels, it reflects and impacts majorly on all living species. In any natural habitat, more than one species co-live depending on each other directly org in-directly. Human intervention has unfortunately caused many changes or destructions. One such error is the loss of species in biodiversity.

For almost every 20 minutes, 3500 human lives are brought to the planet earth, whereas, it loses one or more species on the whole. As per data, over 27000 species are swept away in just a year. How alarming it is to know that about 20% of the world’s total species would be completely gone in the next 30 years. What might actually seem as a common species can become endangered sooner or later.

A report says that close to 80% of the decline in biodiversity is actually caused by habitat destruction. Invading wildlife and forest area for agriculture, cropping, building industries, houses, resorts are the primary reasons why the other species lose their habitat. Deforestation or cutting down huge acres of forest trees, a forest fire can also threaten the flora and fauna. For every 60 minutes, more than 240 acres of natural habitat is destroyed. In other natural habitats like the ocean, pollution plays a role too. 1 out of 4 amphibians, birds, conifers, mammals and 6 out of 7 marine turtles are threatened by extinction. 

Poaching of species for money, medicine, wealth or whatsoever is undeniably one of the most haunting reasons for the loss in species biodiversity. One-horned rhinos, snakes, whales and several other beings are hunted for money or just for the sake of hunting it.  The marine life is reaching a very alarming and upsetting state, where 75% of the world’s fisheries are fully or overly exploited. Fishing beyond the limits steadily decreases the marine population and set it in danger.

No single species can survive on its own in the planet earth. Every being is to be interdependent on each other and on other species. Likewise, the death of one species cannot be favourable to a certain other species. We human beings must realize the irreversible damage that we are causing to the other species in the world and also remember that it only leads to the way of destructing ourselves. Biodiversity is very much necessary for the survival of human beings. We hold the power to stop the loss at the earliest.