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Interesting things to learn about how IGTV is new in brand marketing


IGTV was launched in June 2018. While it lives inside Instagram, IGTV has its own standalone app, allowing Instagram users and brands to make their own channels to upload and store videos.

Formally referred to as Instagram TV, IGTV is the Instagram’s latest video format. 

And well, it is almost like TV, created exclusively for Instagram. 

In most of the cases, a video on this TV is just ten minutes long. Of course, if it’s a major brand, you get up to an hour of run time. Else, all videos should be anywhere from 15 seconds to ten minutes long. 

You can think of IGTV as something between YouTube videos and Stories. IGTV videos are not as polished as YouTube videos but they are less raw than Stories; longer than a Story but shorter than YouTube. 

Will IGTV work to market your brand?

That depends on your brand as well as the type of content you offer. You could probably try to implement IGTV strategy if you own an exclusive brand or you are popular in dealing with unusual marketing strategies. 

On the other hand, if you have been successful with Instagram or Instagram Stories, it is possible to easily translate over to IGTV. 

Also, if your brand has a successful video strategy, it is easy to adapt it to suit IGTV. 

But, if you are newer to Instagram, start slowly. First, get comfortable with normal posts and Stories prior to making longer video formats. 

Always bear in mind this golden rule of marketing. Whatever you create should cater to your target audience.

IGTV offers an excellent opportunity for brands.

Of course, it isn’t as popular as the other Instagram elements; but, try to make use of it effectively before your competitors jump on the bandwagon.