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Things you should learn about if you are new to Japan


Japan boasts a unique contrast of modern and traditional. Being a westerner, you will be taken back by the extreme polite and welcoming nature of the Japanese. You can enjoy your tour in Japan better if you get to know some of the basic etiquettes and customs in the country. Remember — as long as you are kind and respectful, you will fit in. 

Let’s have a look at some basic Japanese etiquettes and customs. 

  • Blowing your nose in the public is not appreciated in this island country. You had better sniff or rush to the restroom. Don’t have a tissue handy? Forget it. Free tissue packs are handed out on streets! How cool is that? 
  • Japanese people consider laughing out loud in public places a taboo. It is thought of as an impolite gesture! You are expected to hide your mouth using your hand when you laugh! Well, you can do all of it in your private space when nobody’s watching though.
  • When you are in Japan, you have a good exercise for your spine. Don’t forget to bow whenever you come across an elder person. No matter how many times you meet him or her in a day, you should bow! Bowing is regarded more respectful than shaking hands.
  • You can’t walk into the restaurant/bar restrooms with your shoes on. Slippers are provided at every restaurant. Of course, that’s awkward!
  • Making sounds while having food is considered rude in most parts of the world. However, in Japan, when eating noodles or having soup, you are expected to slurp. The slurping sound is proof that the food is tasty. Besides, never stick your chopsticks upright in the rice. The Japanese do this act at funerals and hence it’s considered taboo during other instances. 
  • Tipping at restaurants is banned. Good news is you don’t have to pay for drinking water and Japanese tea at restaurants. That’s easy on your pocket! 

Get ready for an amazing vacation in this wonderful land. You are definitely in for a lot more surprises.