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Things you need to learn about before hiring a real estate agent


Looking for a reliable real estate agent? Hold on. First, know the qualities of a good one before hiring their services. According to industry experts, there are certain things you should be looking for when searching for a perfect agent. 

Qualities of a good real estate agent

They communicate. As a buyer or a house seller, it can probably be stressful to deal with a real estate agent who is not a good communicator. Real estate market is highly time sensitive; therefore, you require an agent who will communicate the present buying/selling situation accurately so that you can make your moves accordingly. 

They are proactive. A good real estate agent must proactively call prospective buyers, constantly finding new leads and updating existing customers. Well, the major element of being a proactive agent is to keep the client informed. 

They listen. A seasoned real estate agent listens to what the client has to say. They don’t talk too much; rather, listen to your expectations, problems and so on and take the next step accordingly. 

They are client motivated. A good agent always has his/her client’s needs as the top priority. Choose an agent who puts their clients first. Also, reliable agents adapt to the needs of the clients pretty easily. 

They know their clients’ selling motivation. A genuine agent always knows exactly why the client is selling or buying or renting a property. For instance, if the client is selling a property, they will find answers for questions like: 

  • Is it an investment property?
  • Is the client selling the property to buy another one?
  • Will the client live in this property or knock it down?

An experienced and confident agent is not afraid to provide you the contact information of their previous clients as references. 

So, find a real estate agent who is motivated, confident, experienced, listens and communicates.