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What to Look for in a Virtual Assistant? Skill Sets for 2020 — 2021

If there is ever a valuable asset business owners and other busy professionals should ever own in this tech-savvy world, it is a virtual assistant.


These are the Top 7 Virtual Assistant Skills Companies are looking in 2021-2021:

1. Customer Service and Inbox Management

2. Expert-Level Social Media

3. Social Media Manager

4. Funnel Expert

5. Bookkeeping

5. Bookkeeping

7. Website Maintenance and Tech Assistance

Small and simple tasks like keeping your schedule, sending emails to various departments, help with marketing, managing social media posts, blogging, etc. which generally take up time can be assigned to virtual assistants.  And, you should find a VA who has a solid experience of working with people in your specific industry.

Verify their expertise 

Give your prospective virtual assistants a few simple tests to know whether or not they are really knowledgeable about your industry and the jobs requested of them. Social media is a great platform to have a look at their abilities. 

Analyze their Approach to Specific Needs

It is ideal to ask the potential virtual assistant the ways they would approach specific needs. Perhaps, each VA follows a process that really works for them. However, it doesn’t mean it would work for you. So, make sure you choose a VA that is willing to work confined to your working hours and is available for additional tasks.

When you ask about the approach they use to meet your needs, find out how they decide on which are the tasks they give the highest priority each day. Also, ask whether they provide proof for task completion. 

Have a look at their Work History

Virtual assistants must have proper work history available with them. This history must be verifiable or at the minimum, should be able to prove the fact that the business employer exists. Well, you cannot expect the whole of their work history to be VA related because this might not be their initial choice of career. However, it is vital to have a look at the various types of jobs a VA has worked. 

When looking for a virtual assistant, personalities also matter. For instance, if you possess a sense of humor, you had better hire someone that can easily handle sarcasm and jokes. Of course, working together must be kept professional; however, it is good to be capable of being casual with employees every now and then as far as it doesn’t affect the working purposes. On the whole, you must mesh well with the potential VA to work out a longlasting relationship. 

I hope this helps you find a reliable 24x7 virtual assistant who would be your best bet in terms of quality of service, professionalism, desired outcome, and pricing.