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Things you did not know about tipping etiquette across the world


It is true that like all other etiquettes, tipping etiquette differs dramatically worldwide and it is a little challenging to work out how much to tip and when to tip. Don’t you worry. Here is a definitive guide (see the infographic) on the tipping etiquettes across the world with regards to restaurants and taxis. 

Offering tips is strictly prohibited in Japan. Whether you are at a restaurant or you hire a taxi, tipping is considered offensive. So, stay away from tipping in Japan. Likewise, tipping isn’t common practice in China and Brazil as well. However, if you are in America, you are being rude if you don’t leave tips! In France, your bill includes the service charge as per law; still, locals generally leave some coins, as a sign of appreciation. 

It’s crucial that you research the customs and etiquettes of your travel destination or else you will have to break your bank due to unexpected currency withdrawals. For example, if you land in the US, make sure you include tips to your budget. In fact, tips alone can form 25% of your total expenditure when you travel to America!

Several countries demand you to tip hotel staff and taxi drivers. Hence, you will have to carry some local currency the very moment you land there. The infographic clearly shows how much to tip for a taxi hire or at a restaurant. 

Hope this helps!