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Why Ants Walk in a Line? Read these 25 Amazing Facts About Ants

Although ants are considered pests in some situations, the things they do are mind-blowing. What they lack is just in size.

Ants, our long-standing little friend who has been traveling with us as part of our childhood. You and I might have killed some of them knowingly or unknowingly. Right!! Surprisingly there are many unknown facts about these mighty little friends of our environment. 

Read about their amazing values and why they always walk in a line like a military army parade.

About Ants Family and Types

1. Ant family - The queen, the female workers, and the male (have wings).

2. Ants have been living and thriving on earth since the age of dinosaurs. This entered the earth 130 million years ago and it has also survived the Cretaceous-Tertiary which killed the dinosaurs and also the ice-age.

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3. Most of the ants live in the nests which may be located on the grounds or under a rock or built above the grounds.

4. Ant colonies are mostly made up of sand, twigs, and gravels.

5. Human brains are made up of 10,000 brain cells, but an ants brain is made up of 250,00 brain cells. Which says that they are more intelligent than us. (seriously!!)

Ants are Tiny Hulks

6. Ant is one of the strongest insects compared to others. It can bear up to 50 to 100 times of its weight even when it is upside down.

7. Ants have the largest population compared to humans. Approximately ten trillion ants are living in the world. It is also believed that there are about 1,200 species of ants worldwide. 

8. The biomass of ants in the whole world is nearly equal to the biomass of all the humans in the world as they have the largest population.

9. Among all the insects in the world,  Ants lifespan is the longest which is 30 years.

10. Ants are also considered as the fastest moving insects in the world.

Ants are Hardcore Survivors

11. Ants don't have lungs. So how do ants breathe? since they are small in size, they do not have enough space, they don’t have lungs. They breathe through their spiracles which are a series of holes located on the sides of their bodies. Though they do not have lungs also, ant’s’ lifespan is long.

12. Some ants don’t have ears too. They use vibrations to sense the movements of their food.

13. Some ant species are asexual. Rather than going into the traditional way of reproduction, some Amazonian ants have taken the reproduction via cloning. 

14. It is believed that the queen ants copy themselves genetically to produce daughters.

15. Ants have two stomachs. They use one stomach for consuming their food and the other one for storing food for the other ants in the colony. This process is called “Trophallaxis”.

Ants Care for Their Pals

16. Ants form a line and walk. This is because some ants are blind with no eyes and most of them will not have ears too.  So to avoid getting lost, they walk in a line by following one another. 

17. Ants can be found all over the globe except Antarctica. Though ants are large in population none of them can live in Antarctica since they cannot stay in a cold place.

18. Ants can survive underwater for nearly 24 hours. Since they don't have lungs, they breathe only through tiny holes. So it pretends as if they are dead when they are drowned into the water. If they come out of the water to a place with the presence of oxygen, they can survive.

19. Among the ant army, the Queen ant will have all the control and all the other female ants will do the work for collecting food. The male normally lives only to mate with the Queen ant. The soldier ants who protect the colony will protect it by plugging out their heads.

20. Often, termites and ants get confused. Ants are a little thin in the middle and termites are not. This is the only difference between the two.

Don't Mess with Poisonous Ants

21. We all believe that the worker ants work so hard. But it is not true, the fire ants are prone to laziness. They sleep 92 times a day. Each sleep takes almost 6 minutes.

22. Unlike other ants, the army ants do not have permanent houses. But instead, they collect food during the migration period.

23. Some species of ants are more venomous and the most venomous ant in the world is called “Harvester Ants”.

24. The largest ant colony was found about 6000 km wide. It was found in Europe. 

25. Ants are capable of forming super-colonies that can extend up to miles. These ant colonies have their own chemical profiles to identify a stranger’s entry inside the colony.

These are some of the unknown facts about our tiny friend. I hope you liked my article add a comment in the comment section for more articles like this. Encourage my works by sharing this in your social media.  

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