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Things you did not know about why Dubai attracts new tourists and travellers every year

Dubai, the most populous city of the UAE, is a rare blend of profound traditions and futuristic vision.


Besides the well known Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab, supercars, magnificent skyscrapers, classy shopping malls, and stunning beaches, there are a myriad of reasons why Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world and the number keeps increasing every consecutive year. Let us have a look at what more Dubai has in store.

Seaplane Tour


Dubai offers you an original flying experience via seaplane tours. It creates a perfect experience as you watch the scenery move past your huge individual passenger window, unveiling striking views of vibrant cityscapes, shimmering deserts, coastlines, and rugged mountains.

Overnight desert safari


Do you want to explore the enormity of the UAE desert? The exhilarating overnight desert safari is your choice. You can enjoy the views of the rocks and dunes glow as the sun sets. Enjoy camping out under the clear desert sky. Of course, the night desert safari is a mix of leisure, entertainment, and adventure!

Morning desert safari - desert camel ride, sand boarding and quad biking


Well, The morning desert safari in Dubai is really refreshing. You get a rare opportunity to admire the lovely flora and fauna of the desert before bashing across the mystifying dunes of Dubai. With a number of turns and twists, a powerful vehicle rides you through the nerve-wracking high dunes, thereby allowing you to experience the desert in its complete grandeur.

A morning desert safari has much more to offer for passionate thrill seekers. Rush your adrenaline by going in for quad biking, sand boarding, and desert camel ride. There are experienced guides to help you.

Helicopter ride over the palm


You can take a short helicopter flight from the Dubai Helipad and experience the bird’s eye view of the majestic Burj Al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah. This helicopter ride is pretty popular among tourists as it gets you the stunning views of the skyscrapers and the beauty of the Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Skydive in Dubai


Skydiving in Dubai is easily the best in the world. It allows you to experience the great spine-chilling free-fall for a full 60 seconds after which the instructor will pull the chord and set up the parachute. Enjoy the absolute tranquility of gliding smoothly along the air and taking in incessant aerial views of the fantastic sights of Dubai in every direction.

Aquarium and underwater zoo


The aquarium and the underwater zoo, a breathtaking venue, helps you watch a myriad of aquatic animals in close proximity. Children will surely have their best aquatic experiences by exploring the amazing underwater world.



For unlimited entertainment and fun, the Dubai Dolphinarium is the place to visit. A live dolphin/seal show runs for 45 minutes and is the key highlight of this amusement venue.

Water Taxi


The river bank lining the creek is home to innumerable attractions and is easily one of the iconic sights of Dubai. Once you board a wooden dhow on the Dubai creek, you can enjoy an inspiring range of gourmet specialties including original Emirati dishes topped off with a delicious array of desserts.


The brilliant views of the creek allow you to cherish the charm and aura of the olden times. This unique sightseeing experience offers you an array of onboard activities like live musical performances and traditional Tanura dance shows. Enjoy a memorable evening of dance, food, and entertainment.

Wild Wadi Water Park


Located right on the shore of Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi Water Park is a true Arabian water experience. It is themed around the story of classic Arabian character Juha.  Wild Wadi Water Park is the perfect amusement park for tourists to enjoy.  It offers the most exhilarating selection of rides, slides, and activities for all age groups. Of course, one day may not be enough; still, you wouldn’t want to miss the experience.  

Dune dinner safari and Belly dance


Enjoy an amazing desert dinner experience on a dune dinner safari. A safari guide will take you in a four-wheel drive exclusive vehicle through the desert dunes in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. At sunset, you can click photographs from the top of the dunes. Persian carpets and signature cushions with a bonfire create a perfect scene for a fulfilling and relaxed dinner. What’s more, belly dance performances come in as a bonus! You can also try henna painting and sand boarding.

Hot air balloon rides


This balloon tour offers so much more than you can ever imagine. You can share the sky with falcons and enjoy the views of Dubai from that angle. It is a great way to explore the desert. You can watch the sunrise over the desert and the sight of camels and gazelles roaming freely.  

The popular dog race of Dubai

Saluki championship is held every year in Dubai. Male and female Salukis will participate in a race covering 1000 meters and 2500 meters to win the Saluki championship. Salukis are Bedouin hunting dogs known for their speed and stamina. In the race, the dogs will run towards its prey and to the finish line. The sight of the Salukis chasing their prey, hitting astronomical speeds, and the fluidity and grace of their running style is nothing less than a visual extravaganza. The race attracts dog lovers from across the world to watch this spectacular event.  

Dubai Falconry Safari


The Dubai Falconry Safari is ideal for those looking for a unique and intimate experience in the UAE. You can see, feed, and fly several species of owls, falcons, hawks, and eagles. The experience is fun, educational and entertaining. Paradise for bird watchers.

Parade of exotic cars


You can see luxury cars in Dubai anywhere, anytime. If you want to feast your eyes, try visiting Al Dhiyafa Street in Al Satwa on the evening of 2nd December (National Day of UAE). You can watch the parade of innumerable supercars wroom around!

The Dubai Food Festival


One of the biggest food festivals in the world where foodies unite. From beach restaurants to celebrity chefs serving their favorite dishes, The Dubai Food Festival has a lot to offer for your palates. There is an experience for everyone. Avail special offers at the city’s hot culinary spots or discover the hidden gems of Dubai during this really ‘huge’ food festival. Make your tour plans during the time of the year when this festival is held and you will be in for surprises!

Check the 2019 Food festival event here

A cup of gold coffee


Located at the Burj Al Arab, you will find Sahn Eddar lounge that gifts you with an option of Ultimate Gold Cappuccino on their menu. The coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans and foamed organic milk blended delicately with 24-carat gold! What’s more, it is sprinkled with gold flakes & topped with the startling Burj Al Arab design. What a way to feel like an absolute diva!

Indoor skiing


Ski Dubai is located inside the Dubai Mall of the Emirates. It is the third largest indoor ski slope in the world. With a t-bar and a chair lift, 6000 tons of snow is used. You can encounter snow penguins in a unique, up-close encounter. Explore a world of skiing options at Ski Dubai.

Well, needless to mention, Dubai is a city with excess and endless possibilities. Bathed in luxury, the city is home to grandiose projects. From the world’s tallest building to the magnificent shopping malls wherein you can soak yourself in retail-therapy heaven, Dubai has it all to attract tourists.

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