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Why is Everyone Talking About Data Backup?

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A flash or thumb drives the system gets corrupted due to a malicious virus or there is a physical damage to the computer, or a device failure, anything can lead to data loss. Who knows, it can even get stolen over night. When anything can happen and you are very prone to losing your data, it is quite very crucial to take measures to back it up. 

Almost all data loss occurs accidentally. There are cases where people select a file and press delete key by mistake. You did it, right there! Though there are ways, you cannot always fetch back the data you lost carelessly. Data once lost is sometimes lost forever.

54% of people already have someone or personally know someone who lost files. Among all the digital assets, photos, videos, school works, projects and music are considered to be the most valued ones. They are also the most common among the majority of the population. Everyone has a music collection and at least a few photographs stored in devices.

Among the different options available for back up, often people prefer going with a hard drive. 18% choose flash or a thumb drive. There still 9% of people who find it easy to work with CDs or DVDs. And only 8% of people willingly go with cloud service to secure their data.

There also are people who don’t feel the need for a backup and a few others who are ignorant about it. Almost 19% of men and 30% of women do not have a data backup. 

From the random pictures that you click every day to the final analysis report that is to be presented to the client, there is a range of digital data people deal with. However, only 10% of people actually back up the data every day, 30% weekly and 30% monthly. About 25% do not have a backup at all! There is all the possibility for them to get into serious trouble!

It may feel like a thing to bring the hard drive from the cupboard, plug it to the device, copy files from device to drive and then to put it back in place. But if you practice data backup as a routine, you will feel safe and secure. And on some occasion, you may even want to be thankful for picking up this habit.

Turning on all the auto backup options available in phone and other devices can be a wise thing. This way, your data is secured without you even noticing it.