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What you learn about the most interesting stadium in the world will blow your mind!


The infographic throws light on a few stadiums in the world  - stadiums that are interesting with regards to design and structure alike. 

The infographic features the most famous and beautiful stadiums including the Olympia stadium of Munich, Twickenham of UK, the Aviva stadium of Dublin, The Oita Stadium of Japan and the Thomand Park, Limerick. 

Obviously, all of these stadiums have an extraordinary and distinct structural design. The architects have designed them to be unique and that is what makes them interesting and appealing to the masses. 

You can see that the structure of the Zhong stadium in Shanghai resembles a floor. The roof is automatic and when seen from above, it resembles a flower opening its petals. The stadium is not only incredibly beautiful but highly functional as well. On the other hand, the Beijing National Aquatics Centre has a magnificent bubble design which covers its entire exterior. The multiple colours used make it strikingly attractive. 

The size of the stadium is not what matters here. It is the beauty and magnificence of the structure.